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Get all the home school help you need to educate your children your way. We offer personal and individualized support from veteran home schooling facilitators and tutors.

Find the extra home education resources you need to prepare and supplement curriculum for your student. Get lesson plans, online classes, check Alberta Education requirements, & more.

Need extra help? We have you covered! thee+ online tutoring provides individualized support for your home student from expert educators.

Who We Are

Newell Christian SchoolThe Home Education Exchange (thee) is a non-denominational Christian organization based in Alberta, Canada, that exists to support and enrich the educational efforts of families that are exercising their God given responsibility to educate their children for life and eternity. We have been serving families in Alberta and beyond since 1992. Officially, thee administers the home education program of the private school authority of the Newell Christian School, and our home education program enables parents to homeschool their child or children with us regardless of where they live here in Alberta. While our home school program is part of a non-denominational Christian school, we welcome and serve families from a host of differing backgrounds. Learn More...

How We Can Help

  • Personal and individualized support from “veteran” home schooling facilitators.
  • High School and Post-Secondary Planning
  • Active Support For “Traditional Home School”, “Unschooling”, and
  • Alberta Education Credits
  • Online Tutoring
  • Challenge Exams
  • Special Materials Purchasing
  • Individualized support from reading and writing specialists
  • Helpful workshops and seminars

MacLean Magazine Home School Quote

From "The Munchkin Invasion" (MacLean's Magazine, May 27, 2013 edition. The quote is from the bottom right corner on page 25).

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